Monday, 25 June 2012

Attenborough CES - final visit, Sunday 24 June

Leading up to the weekend the weather forecast was poor but on Saturday it changed and said the expected rain would pass over by 0600ish. So when I looked out of the window early on Sunday I was happy to see the rain had stopped. Gary, Duncan, Nick and I met at the site and despite the dark sky we started to erect the nets. As we were on net 9 of 10 it started to spit with rain, we continued to erect the full quota of nets only to find the rain got heavier and forced us to close all of them. We then had a not so pleasant hour or so as we stood in the pouring rain getting soaked to the skin waiting for the Met Office 0600ish to arrive - eventually it did, at 0830. We opened all the nets but then the breeze got up and the sun came out. So we ended the final CES session with a paltry catch of 17 birds including 8 retraps. The most unusual bird being the first tit for a few weeks, a retrap Great Tit. Catch totals (new/retrap) Dunnock 1/0, Reed Warbler 4/1, Garden Warbler 0/1, Blackcap 2/0, Chiffchaff 0/1, Treecreeper 1/0, Great Tit 0/1, Bullfinch 1/4.


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