Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Attenborough CES visit 4, Monday 4 June

Gary, Duncan, Steve, Nick and I completed the fourth CES visit to Attenborough on Monday, after a rescheduling from Sunday due to the terrible weather. The weather on Monday was good with broken cloud and only a light breeze but the birds were not jumping into the nets in great numbers! The total catch was only 25 including 7 retraps made up of (new/others): Wren 1/1, Dunnock 0/1, Robin 6/0, Blackbird 1/0, Song Thrush 3/0, Reed Warbler 1/1, Blackcap 2/1, Chiffchaff 3/2, Bullfinch 1/1. Not sure if it is truly indicative of a poor breeding season locally for tits but we have not caught any fledgling tits of any species at Attenborough and on Monday did not even hear any. On one net round I looked down the line of nets and saw something large moving in the bottom shelf about 7 or 8 metres away, before I had chance to move the object opened large wings and flew out of the shelf, along and over the net - it was a buzzard and had apparently gone into the net after a Wren, not sure if this Buzzard was desperate or just on a diet but it did not do the Wren much good, or the net for that matter!


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