Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wales, Sunday 10 June

A small but experienced team made the trip to Wales last Sunday to 'hopefully' ring the Pied Flycatchers. I say 'hopefully' because we went just after the torrential rain caused flooding in Aberystwyth which is not that far away - and thoughts were that the Pied Flycatchers would have fared badly. On arrival, without encountering any flooded roads, we split into four and started checking the boxes. We did find a number of failed boxes but overall the birds were doing pretty well and we ringed 170 in total made up of 138 pulli and 4 adult Pied Flycatchers, 24 pulli and 2 adult Redstarts and 2 adult Wood Warblers.

Unfortunately there were no Buzzards nesting this year and very few Buzzards generally in the area! A Nuthatch had nested this year but had fledged before we got there. There are 20 boxes that had eggs or small chicks not yet big enough to ring, including 2 Redstarts, if they all survive over 100 more to ring. So if anyone with a pulli endorsement fancies making another trip around the 20th let me know and I will give you the rings and maps showing the relevant boxes.


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