Sunday, 30 June 2013

Attenborough Terns

Duncan and I visited Attenborough NR on Thursday morning to check out the Common Tern platforms and ring any chicks that were ready. Things started well on the Conneries platform with 11 chicks ringed, no chicks flying and 19 eggs still being incubated and no dead chicks. On to the Main Pond platform, 10 chicks ringed, no chicks flying and 9 eggs still being incubated but there were 5 dead chicks. On the 3rd platform on the Beeston Pond we ringed 5 chicks, no chicks were flying, 8 eggs were still being incubated and there were 3 dead chicks. A lot better year than 2012.

We plan a return visit in about 2 weeks when the remaining 36 eggs should have hatched. Many thanks to Graham Bowden of the Notts Wildlife Trust for his skilled boat driving and his assistant Chloe who I
think enjoyed the trip judging by the smile on her face.


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