Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bungalow Swallows

I do consider myself lucky to live on a street which sees good numbers of Swallows each summer, zipping over my pond and waking me with their calls each morning. These birds presented me with perhaps my easiest nest-find of the season, but considering that their nest, eggs and young are so beautiful and interesting I pounced on the opportunity to learn more about this charismatic species.

As I watched, the adult birds flew straight up the drive and into the tunnel-like entry by the front door of my neighbour's bungalow, amazed at the 'emergency stop' they must perform on every visit to reach their neat nest which they had plastered into the top corner of the passageway.

Below are some photos documenting their progress. Perhaps I might recapture them swooping over my pond for food in the later months of the season?



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