Monday, 17 June 2013

Recent Recoveries

A first year Waxwing ringed in Tyne and Wear in November 2012 was recaptured in Clifton in February 2013 having traveled 239km. Another young Waxwing ringed in Newtown, Powys in December 2012 joined the Clifton party and was also recaptured in February 2013 having travelled 151km.

A young Woodcock ringed at Holme Pierrepont in December 2012 was shot dead in the Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad in April 2013 having travelled 2083km.

A Tawny Owl chick ringed in Wysall in May 2012 was found at Rushcliffe Country Park in January 2013 in poor condition but was re-released in a healthier state the following month.

A Barn Owl chick ringed in Muston, Leicester in July 2012 was found dead at Scrooby, Bircotes, Nottinghamshire in April 2013 having moved 57km.

A Reed Bunting which was ringed at Bestwood in December 2012 was controlled at Palterton, Derbyshire in March 2013 having moved 21km.

A young Lesser Redpoll ringed at Bestwood in November 2011 was controlled at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire in May 2013 having traveled 152km.


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