Saturday, 14 May 2022

Tawny Owls

Followers of the blog, and our activities, will know that at this time of year much of our time is spent monitoring nest boxes of several species to gather information on breeding outcomes. Many of these nest boxes have been put up following contact by a home-owner who has a keen interest in the natural world and who has a suitable location for a box. 

I checked such a box on 29/4/22 and ringed these two Tawny owl chicks, along with their mother. As you can see they are now keen to explore the outside world. Thanks to the home-owner for the photo which was taken some time after I visited.

Thanks to people like this, who buy and allow nest boxes to be put on their land and give us permission to visit every year, we are gathering a lot of valuable information about such birds. 

Mick P

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